About VINCheckReport.com

VinCheckReport(.com) was created with the intent and purpose of helping consumers make informed decisions when buying used cars.

VINCheckReport.com (the website) was first launched in early 2010 as a Beta to what you see today (as is today’s website a Beta for the future).

After having moderate success in the Vehicle History market, and getting tons of feedback from our visitors, we decided to take the website down and redo it over the course of the next few months to refine it and work out some bugs we were having with our web host.

We re-launched several months later on a more power platform with more features:

  • An Informational Resource section (How-to Guides, Articles, and other automotive information)
  • A News Section, where we covered the latest automotive news
  • And last but not least; a guide/tool to assist automotive enthusiasts with manually decoding their Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to get Specifications of any vehicle

Just like the first time, we took our visitors’ advice, looked at what else was possible, and implemented a few more changes based on the feedback we were receiving.

We provide consumers with Free Vin Decoders, Informational Resources, Free Vin Checks, and Cheap (Affordable) Vehicle History Reporting Solutions.

And so, you’ll notice this website change; sometimes ever so slightly, and sometimes drastically – to accomodate the changes that we’ve been asked for (and are within reach).

A few words from our Founder:

VinCheckReport.com was originally started to help consumers buy previously-owned cars, but has since evolved into something more beautiful than I could have imagined. In this day and age of information, it’s sometimes sad how little information there is to be gained from something as common (yet as important) as a vehicle. Especially since everything is tracked, recorded, and maintained via computer file somewhere.

It is the mission of VinCheckReport (and subsidiaries) to transform the used-car-buying market by making available all information that’s within our powers to do so.

I won’t go into much details about the future plans for the company, but I will say that there are amazing things coming (soon) that will make buying used cars less tedious for consumers, and instead will make the process more transparent and honest (for all parties involved).

We will achieve this by arming consumers with the tools needed in order to be able to make educated decisions when it comes to buying a used car or truck (or boat, or ATV, pretty much any used Vehicle).

If you would like to contact us with a question, feedback, idea, suggestion, or (constructive) criticism, you may do so via our Contact Page (click here).

Additionally, we’ve also got a small Survey that we ask some of our visitors to take (to help us gauge the direction of VinCheckReprot), which can be found by clicking here.

So We hope that you have an enjoyable time on our site, and pelase let us know if you see something incorrect or broken. Thank you!