Two Cheap Vin Checks: Vin Check Reports for Under $10

Due to many people asking us for it, we’ve compiled a list of the top trustworthy Vin Check Reporting companies. You can see them below

But first, Let’s go into the different Vehicle History Reporting companies; what do all Vin Check Companies have in common? They’re all getting their information from the same place, the NMVTIS. That’s right! the NMVTIS (National Motor Vehicle Title Information System) is an organization started by the Department of Justice to keep track of title and VIN History.

So, now that you know a little bit about where the data is gathered, check out the different companies below that provide Affordable (Cheap) Vin Check Vehicle History Reports

List of Dependable $10 Vin Check Reports:

VinAudit $10 Vin Check Review

VinAudit $10 Vin Check Review

VinAlert $10 Vin Check Review

VinAlert $10 Vin Check Review

But the Major Vin Number Check Companies offer established, high quality, Vehicle History Reports, Right?

Do they? Just like any other product out there, there is always room for error, and the ‘Giants of Vehicle History Reports’, are barely better than the smaller guys; there are plenty of reports of the big Vin Check Reporting companies being riddled with inaccuracies and errors. So why are people paying the extra money?

Marketing Pays Off: Searches for Vin Check Reports are on the rise!

CarFax’s Marketing and Advertising must be paying off, because CarFax, just like ANY successful business, is actually expanding their operation and advertising efforts (good for them!), and in today’s world, where you can get a Vehicle Vin # History Report (or review) for just about anything, CarFax seems to be flourishing (have you heard about HouseFax? but that’s a different topic)..

So in conclusion, why not give one of the smaller companies a try? There are Plenty of $10 Vin Check Reports available online, the two I’ve reference to in this post provide Vehicle History Reports that have the same info as a CarFax Vin Check Report.

So if you’re looking to buy a car, and want a cheap Vehicle History Report, do remember; There’s no need to pay for a CarFax report; there ARE quality alternatives, at a quarter of the price. We prefer VinAudit over VinAlert, so check them both out, and see for yourself which you think YOU would prefer.


VinAudit $10 Vin Check Review

VinAudit $10 Vin Check Review


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