Free Vin Check Vehicle History Reports: What You Need to Know

Free Vin Checks and Vehicle History Reports: Important Information for Consumers.

When You’re looking to buy a car, you’re more than likely going to want to run a Vin Check to view the Vehicle History, and what better than a Free VIN Number Check, right? Wrong. Free Vin Checks, at least in the sense of Free Vehicle History Reports, do not exist. At least not Legally. Companies like CarFax and AutoCheck both offer an Unlimited Vehicle History Report Checks, and people often use those to “Resell” cheap CarFax reports.

THIS IS AGAINST THE LAW. Not only are you breaking CarFax’s User Terms of Service, but the person “selling” you that information is breaking the law as well. And, if they’re breaking the law, what’s to stop them from running off with your payment? Also, often times, websites will offer “Free Vin Reports”, you just have to click on a ton of ads first. In the end, you’ve clicked on a ton of ads, entered your email address, and possibly given away some other private information, and STILL got no Free Vin Check.

The Hunt for Free VIn Check Vehicle History Reports leads to Frustration

The Hunt for Free VIn Check Vehicle History Reports leads to Frustration

So why put yourself through all that bother and frustration? Stop trying to cheat the ‘Vin Check‘ system.

There are alternatives to hunting the ever-elusive Free Vin Check Report.

The answer to your hunt for a Free Vin Check: Don’t go with the “Big Guys”. CarFax and AutoCheck both offer super-detailed reports that give you quite a bit of vehicle history information, but ARE THEY WORTH IT? You can get the same information, for a QUARTER of the price, for example, check out these two websites, they might be of value to you, since they BOTH offer cheap $10 Vin Checks (Vehicle History Reports):

VinAudit $10 Vin Check Review

VinAudit $10 Vin Check Review

VinAlert $10 Vin Check Review

VinAlert $10 Vin Check Review


If you’re tired of looking for a Free Vin Check, why not check out our list of Recommended Alternative Vin Check – Vehicle History Reports on this post

Using the “dealer autocheck inurl:vin” trick can get you in trouble. Instead, if you’re looking for just some BASIC information on a VIN Number, you can always check out the NICB website, which will provide you with information on whether the vehicle has any title brands or has been reported stolen, or currently has a lien on it. This isn’t anywhere near as detailed as a CarFax report, but should give you plenty of information to begin with.

Alternatively, you can always use a VIN Decoder to get basic information on your vehicle (make, model, year, transmission type, mpg, etc). Check our TOOLS section for our Vin Decoder.


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