Looking For a Mechanic? Here are 4 Different Ways To Find a Good Mechanic (Locally)

There are many reasons why someone would look for a mechanic; You might be buying a new car or you need your current car looked at and fixed. Either way, you’re looking for a mechanic.

We’re here to help. Below are 4 different ways that you can find a good mechanic that’s local to you.

Finding a Good Local Mechanic

RepairPal.com – Local Auto Repair and Maintenance Shop Network

Repair Pal is a website that reviews Mechanics and Repair Shops. Their easy-to-use website allows you to select a vehicle manufacturer, enter your Zip Code, and find a list of RepairPal Verified shops, as well as other (non-verified) shops and dealerships.

Repair Pal also has a free mobile app for Android and iPhone which can be found via this link.

YourMechanic.com – The Mechanic Who Comes To You

Your Mechanic is a website that helps people get their cars fixed at their locations; at their homes, offices, etc. If you have a busy schedule and light repair needs, then this might be the solution for you – instead of wasting time in a waiting room while your car is being worked on, you can be finishing up your work at the comfort  of your home or office while your mechanic finishes your car up for you.

We should note that YourMechanic.com only services California at the moment, but keep your eyes on this service – they will be expanding soon. We have a very good feeling about this website and the revolutionary service that they’re providing.

Yelp Search – Local Mechanics

Yelp is a great way to find awesome local restaurants and fun things to do, but did you know that you can also find Mechanics and Repair Shops on Yelp? Well, you can. Simply type in “Mechanic” into the FIND field at the top and your Zip Code into the Near field and you’re ready to go!

Google Maps – Find Local Mechanics

Google Maps is possibly one of the most useful databases you will ever use. You can find a list of Local Mechanics on Google Maps by clicking this link. The great thing about Google Maps’ results is that the reviews are generally left by real people. Google takes an aggressive role in

And Dont Forget!

If you’re buying a used car, then don’t forget (in addition to taking your car to a mechanic) to check the Vehicle History of the car, since there are things that a Mechanic Can’t Tell You About Your Car that a VIN Check can.

P.S. We were previously going to add the Edmunds.com Repair Shops Lookup link to the list above, but Edmunds stopped listing Mechanics, so we decided to remove it from the list (since this is a post on how to find a good Mechanic, not a good Dealership to service your car.

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