The Future of Automotive Crime: Car Hacking?

Cars nowadays are basically computers on wheels, with many containing features that were unimaginable even a decade ago. From self driving (and self parking) cars, to Active Brake Assisting cars that will slam on the brakes if you’re about to rear-end someone – Technology has come a long way, and our cars are basically computers-on-wheels.

Audi Self Driving and Parking Car:

Active Brake Assist Comparison:

There is, however, a downside to cars with autonomous features

As amazing and advanced as these features are; with every step forward in the name of progress and advancement, there are issues and dangers that need to be addressed. In the case of autonomous (and semi-autonomous) cars, these dangers come in the form of computer hackers.

In many different instances, hackers have shown that it’s possible to not only to control your internal lighting systems and music, but also tp apply more malicious and intrusive hacks, such as jerking your steering wheel (veering your car into oncoming traffic), applying your breaks, gaining access to your address book, call log, GPS History, and more. Crazy, right?

So what should you do to avoid falling victim to these hacks? Norton Symantec (yes, the antivirus company) actually has some good tips on their “Can Your Car Be Hacked” article.

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