Tax Money and the Car Sales Peaks

As tax season comes to a rapid close, consumers are starting to get their tax refunds in the mail, and this means increased sales!
happy car buyer

April is one of the highest peaks in the year (beat only by September, which probably has to do with students buying cars for college) for used car sales, and so it’s important to be ready for that.

If you’re looking to sell your car, now is the right time, because many car buyers will have cash from their tax refunds, and you don’t have to worry about dealing with a loan. Be sure to check our Resources page, as well as be sure to provide as much information about your vehicle as you can in your ad.

Feel free to use our Free VIN Decoder to get information about your car (by entering the VIN) and share the info on your ad!

(also, keep in mind that providing potential buyers with the vehicle history report will win you favor in their eyes, since they’d have spent $39.99 on a vehicle history report if they didn’t know about our low prices! You can order a $10 vehicle history report by using our vin check and clicking on the “View Vehicle History” button)

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