9 Tips on Taking Pictures of Your Car Before Putting It Up For Sale

Pictures Make A Difference

Sure it’s easy to snap pictures on your cell phone and call it good, but if you put in a bit more effort and make sure that your pictures are quality, your sales ad will grab the attention of the person reading it and give them a better impression of both; the car and the owner, so here are some tips on snapping some quality pictures of your car before posting it up for sale.

Tips on Taking Pictures of Your Car Before Selling it

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11 Tips on Cleaning Up Your Car Before Selling

A Clean Car is a Well-Cared-For Car

I know that personally, if I’m going to spend my hard-earned money on a car, I would want to know that [that] car was well taken care of, and a clean car shows that the owner cares for the car.

The first thing that I, as the potential buyer, would notice is the condition of the exterior of the car: the dings, smudges, scratches, and even bug splatters would decrease what I perceive the¬†value of the car to be. So, before even putting your car up for sale, make sure to thoroughly clean it using some of the points that we’ll cover in this article. [Read more…]